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What If?

What would the outcome be if you could positively impact the effectiveness of others by developing and transforming key things about yourself?  Would that be great?

Where are all the great leaders today?  Do you have problems honestly answering that question?
How does your effectiveness as a leader impact the performance of others?

We have a crisis of weak leadership today in our homes, in our businesses, in practically every institution because:Uncommon Leader Performance Development Model

  • The people who lead us today think and act no differently from the people they lead;
  • The people who lead us are undeveloped and unprepared to lead themselves well;
  • People no longer value leadership because they see so much poor leadership;
  • People no longer recognize great leadership from its imitations and;
  • People are more self-centered and follow unrestrained and unrealistic desires.

The Six Disciplines of Uncommonly Effectively People:  At PPG we have discovered there are six disciplines of development common among our most uncommonly effective people.  Our Six Disciplines of Uncommon Performance is the path you can take to become uncommonly effective in who you are and in all you do.  Learn more!