What We Do - Our Services

Performance Development Coaching Intensives

We design and develop for individuals, organizations and teams, a 1.5 day, six month or 12 month development intensive around our Six Disciplines of Performance Development.  Our intensives are delivered at client sites or at off-site locations.  Our intensives focus on developing leaders who demonstrate:

  • Sound Perspectives – Perspectives are the basis of trust
  • Continual Preparation – Preparation is the basis of confidence others will have in you
  • A Great Way with People -  Great interpersonal skills are the basis of winning others to you
  • Thought Leadership – Developing leaders who consider what they think before they act on what they think
  • Sound Decision-making – Learning to make wise and timely decisions
  • Transformational Planning – Learning to develop transformational planning strategies for long term consistent successes
  • Teamwork and Team Play – Learning to develop the selflessness to work through the efforts of others more than to use the efforts of others
  • Excellence and Results - Learning to achieve and deliver consistently high levels of excellence in the results achieved.

Transformational Planning Intensives

From Developing Goals to Developing an Edge:  At PPG, we have developed a transformational planning process and program designed to take you beyond the simple goal setting outcomes you get from typical strategic planning programs.  Our Transformational Planning Program is designed to help you as an individual or your business to discover, enhance and take advantage of “The Edge” you need to become and remain a leader in your business.  We call this our “One Thing” Program.  The One Thing Program is designed to have you consider and answer the question “What is the one thing I can do today that will have the greatest impact on the success I want tomorrow”?

Our “One Thing” Program starts you where strategic planning does not and it takes you where strategic planning cannot.  Transformational Planning is essential to helping individuals and businesses start on the basis, choose the right course and stay on the right path.

Inspirational Speaking

Uncommonly effective people usually have uncommonly effective messages that inspire others to action.  Our guest speaking expert, Allen Forte, has a unique background and perspectives that have made him a powerful and inspiring speaker on a wide range of topics for any occasion.  He delivers his messages with passion and inspiration that moves listeners to transformational change.  His messages are always relevant for the times we face.  His core messages are typically built around one of our core products, “Becoming Uncommonly Effective” and “Transformational Planning” which he authored.